How do you fill up your car air conditioning yourself? A/C FIX instructions:

In a few simple steps, you will restore the efficiency of your air conditioning yourself and save over 70% of the cost of this service.

  1. Start your vehicle's engine, turn the air conditioning on to minimum temperature and maximum supply.

  2. Open the bonnet of your car, find the low pressure port (marked with the letters LP) and unlock it.

  3. Unscrew the hose valve with the pressure gauge and screw it onto the factor container.

  4. Connect the kit thus prepared to the LP port and invert the container.

  5. By turning the valve, pierce the container and start loading the agent by slowly unscrewing the valve.

  6. Turn the valve off when the gauge pointer reaches 40 psi.

  7. Disconnect the kit from your car's LP port and enjoy a working air conditioner*.

  • if there is no LP port (11mm diameter) under the bonnet of your car, you can top up the A/C via the HP port (14mm diameter) using the LP/HP reducer/adapter available in our range. Examples of cars that require the LP/HP reducer/adapter could be: Audi A4 B4 1994, Ford Fiesta 2007, Ford Galaxy 2009, Ford Transit 2009, Kia Ceed 2007, Nissan Qashqai 2015 and 2016, Mazda 2015, Mitsubishi Colt 2006, Renault Laguna 2, Renault Mégane 2, Renault Trafic 2, Renault Clio 2, Renault Espace 2, Renault Master 2, Renault Scenic 2, Renault Vel Satis 2.
  • the kit contains an A/C fill line and a pressure gauge line with a quick-release coupling for connection to the low-pressure port marked LP (11mm diameter). The A/C system usually has two ports for filling the system (one marked with the letters LP with a diameter of 11mm and the other marked with the letters HP with a diameter of 14mm), but due to the design, the hose will only fit into one LP port (with a diameter of 11mm). This way, there is no worry that you will plug the A/C FIX kit into the wrong port
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