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A/C service kit for cars up to 1994

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Cable + R12


ACDOCTOR refill kit for car air-conditioning systems up to 1994

The ACDOCTOR refill kit is designed for all cars manufactured up to 1994. The air conditioning gas hose and pressure gauge hose are suitable for 100% of older car models using the refrigerant R12 (Freon).

Kitul face rapid și ușor să
✅ umplerea sistemului de aer condiționat al mașinii
✅ verificarea presiunii din sistem

The ACDOCTOR air conditioning refill kit contains
✅ 1 x can of filling gas (R12 refrigerant replacement)
✅ 1 x A/C fill line with pressure gauge
✅ 1 x R-12 adapter to adapt our kit to cars manufactured before 1994
✅ Instruction booklet

ACDOCTOR A/C gas is a new generation refrigerant, which is a replacement for R-12 used in automotive air conditioning systems until 1994. ACDOCTOR A/C Gas is a natural hydrocarbon gas that is safe for you, the environment and your car.

ACDOCTOR pressure gauge cable
Intuitive use of the manometer hose allows you to measure the pressure and then fill the air conditioning system. The ACDOCTOR manometer hose is reusable, making it environmentally friendly.

Safety and quality guarantee for ACDOCTOR gas
✅ ACDOCTOR gas is non-toxic for you and the environment.
✅ ACDOCTOR gas will not damage your car's air conditioning system.
✅ ACDOCTOR gas does not contribute to the corrosion of metal air conditioning components, unlike R-12 refrigerant.
✅ ACDOCTOR gas is universal and miscible with synthetic and mineral air conditioning oils.
✅ ACDOCTOR air conditioning gas is 35% more efficient than R-12 because it contains a lighter gas mixture than R-12, resulting in less compressor wear and more efficient distribution of the mixture in the cooling system, and therefore lower energy consumption and combustion.
✅ FIX air conditioning gas does not destroy the ozone layer.
✅ ACDOCTOR gas does not contribute to global warming.

How do I check the pressure in my car's air conditioning system?
Before refilling the refrigerant, measure the pressure using the pressure gauge supplied. To determine the pressure of the refrigerant in the air-conditioning system, locate the low-pressure port - marked with the letters LP - under the bonnet of the car and connect the manometer line to it.

ACDOCTOR pressure gauge - indications
A pressure gauge reading of less than 25 psi - indicates too low a pressure in the air conditioning system
✅ If the air conditioning system pressure is too low, add refrigerant until the pressure gauge needle is between 25 and 55 psi.
Pressure gauge between 25 and 55 psi - indicates that the air conditioning system pressure is correct.
✅The gauge indicates that the air conditioning system is correctly filled.
Gauge above 55 psi - indicates that the system pressure is too high
✅If the air conditioning system pressure is too high, reduce it to a reading between 25 and 55 psi.

Benefits of the ACDOCTOR air conditioning refill kit
✅ACDOCTOR gas is 100% safe for any car's air conditioning system.
✅ACDOCTOR gas fills the system in just 10 minutes.

More information about ACDOCTOR
✅ 1 can of gas contains the equivalent of 453g
✅ 1 can of gas contains 170 grams of refrigerant equivalent to 453 grams of R-12.

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